Thursday, June 20, 2013

Removable Blog Marketing Tools For Your Car

Have you been searching of new ways to advertise your blog? Take your marketing efforts offline with help from The Dallas based, online sign company prints and sells customized car magnets using top quality materials and industry leading printing capabilities. As you know, a blog can become a great business venture for entrepreneurs looking to bring exciting news, reviews, and giveaways to its readers, but online marketing does have its limits. Expand your reach and make everyone on the road a potential reader without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money. is capable of producing signs in all sizes, from extra-large car door magnets to small bumper magnets. The online design tool lets you bring your blog imagery to life and even allows you to add new images and content if you want. There are even thousands of pre-made templates if you don’t know where to start.

If you are looking for something a little more use-able for families instead of businesses be sure to check out their banners and canvas prints. These are the perfect way to decorate for a special celebration or update your family portrait over the fireplace.’s products can be tailored for any use, business or personal. Be sure to check out this growing company, you will not be disappointed!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mobile Video Converters -- The answer to a Mother's prayers!

WinX Mobile Video Converter

Hey guys have you heard of video converting? If not let me explain a little about it. You know all those great movies you have stored on your computer?  How would you like to be able to convert those movies and be able to watch them on your phone and/or tablets? I know I have several home movies and even some movies that I have purchased that would be great to have for road trips or family outings with the kids. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The amazing "Movie Clean" -- A quick Cleaning story :)

Guess what I recently realized. Our movie collection is just out of control! We have DVD’s, VHS; yes we still have the dinosaur tapes even though they are in a rather large box and we have no way of playing them anymore. Do they even make VCR’s anymore? Our children love cartoons and anything to do with pirates, so over the years the collection has grown tremendously only now for me to realize that quite a few of them do not get watched or even taken from their cases that often. So, this mommy has decided it’s time for a little “Movie Clean”. While sifting through them I came across one of my favorites and several that I decided just needed to go. I contemplated on having a yard sale or just simply giving them away and that’s when the geek came out in me. Knowing that certain stores will purchase old games and/or gaming consoles I was on the mission to find a place that would buy my old DVD’s. After a quick Google search and going through countless websites I found several great places but only one really stood out. After signing up and going through a very quick and easy process I was able to print labels and send my old DVD’s in for some great cash. It’s not a lot of money but at least I have more room in our DVD collection to either add more movies that we will most definitely watch or simply have a nicer neater collection of DVD’s. My boy’s movie case sure did enjoy the little cleaning spree it was almost ready to burst at the seams! So let me ask you, do you have  a DVD collection that could use a nice cleaning? Well make sure to take the simple way out exactly like I did. Be sure to linkup to any posts in the comments below :) 
photo credit: Photo Extremist via photopin cc

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

6/16-6/30 Wisconsin Products Tree Stump Cooler Review/Giveaway

Tailgate parties, boat parties, mud riding or just those nice quiet days alone on a riverbank all of those events and more are perfect times to enjoy a nice cold drink from “The TreeStump Cooler” by Wisconsin Products. My husband is the occasional fisherman, when he’s not working ot spending time with me or the kids he’s on the river drowning a worm enjoying the beauty of life. Yes, I too was a fisherman at one point in my life, now my calling is to my kids. However, we do get to enjoy the “Family” fishing trip and it is a lot easier when we take our fashionable cooler. The stump cooler is also a minnow bucket (how great is that?!) Simply purchase the aerator kit as well and turn your cooler into an instant minnow bucket. Need a seat? The stump cooler is made of highly durable foam able to withstand body weight. Along with your cooler make sure to get the matching coozies! The man’s coozie with a pattern that matches the cooler you’re definitely sure to blend-in.

How to create your own Likebook in 10 easy steps!

Disclaimer: This is a product review for Likebook all thoughts and opinions in this review are those of Confessions Of A Stay at Home Mom and may differ from others. The product featured in this review was sent to for free , no other compensation was given. 

If you are like me and so many others Facebook is a major part of your everyday activities online. From status updates to posting the new cutest picture of your little ones- everything you do is saved throughout the years. What if I told you those memories could be shared offline as well?  In a beautiful book featuring only the things you select. You can weed out everything and only highlight photos or keep those funny statuses. Everything is customizable to fit your needs and wants.
Ordering your Likebook is very simple and will probably take no more than twenty minutes.

Here are 10 easy steps to creating and ordering your very own like book!

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